Dried fruit

Dried fruit


40kr Ex Tax: 36kr

Apricots 200g..

Apricots with kernels

35kr Ex Tax: 31kr

Apricots with kernels 200g..


35kr Ex Tax: 31kr

Aronia Weight: 100g. Ingredients: Aronia berries. Mix two teaspoons of berries in boiling water, leave for 10-15 minutes. ..

Churchkhela with hazelnuts

45kr Ex Tax: 40kr

Churchkhela with hazelnuts100g..

Churchkhela with walnuts

45kr Ex Tax: 40kr

Churchkhela with walnuts100g..

Dried apples

29kr Ex Tax: 26kr

Dried apples 150g..

Dried Apricot kernels

38kr Ex Tax: 34kr

Dried Apricot kernels 200g..

Dried fruits

35kr Ex Tax: 31kr

Dried fruits 400g..

Dried honey melon

30kr Ex Tax: 27kr

Dried honey melon 200g..

Dried junipers

20kr Ex Tax: 18kr

Dried junipers50g..

Dried plums, pitted

40kr Ex Tax: 36kr

Dried plums 99,4%, sunflower oil 0,5%, preservative potassium sorbate 200g..

Dried wild rose

40kr Ex Tax: 36kr

Dried wild rose 500g..

Pine nuts

65kr Ex Tax: 58kr

Pine nuts 250g..

Pine nuts

50kr Ex Tax: 45kr

Pine nuts 75g..


36kr Ex Tax: 32kr

Raisin 200g..

Raisin Golden

35kr Ex Tax: 31kr

Raisin Golden 200g..

Raisins, unsulphured

20kr Ex Tax: 18kr

Raisins, unsulphured without preservatives. Raisins 99,5%, sunflower oil...

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