Waffle cake

Waffle cake


Wafer Cake

42kr Ex Tax: 38kr

Wafer Cake "Slivotjnoje Sufle"Weight 300 grams..

Wafer Cake Belotjka

45kr Ex Tax: 40kr

Wafer Cake "Belotjka"Weight 250 grams..

Waffle cake with hazelnuts

45kr Ex Tax: 40kr

Waffle cake with hazelnuts "Sjokladnitsa". Weight 270 grams..

Waffle cake with peanuts

45kr Ex Tax: 40kr

Waffle cake with peanuts "Sjokladnitsa". Weight 270 grams..

Cake Suffle

59kr Ex Tax: 53kr

Cake SuffleWeight 450 grams..

Wafer cake Delis

46kr Ex Tax: 41kr

Wafer cake "Delis" in chocolate icingWeight 500 grams..

Waffle cake

40kr Ex Tax: 36kr

Waffle cake "Otlomi"Weight 250 grams..

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