Waffle cake

Waffle cake


Wafer Cake

46kr Ex Tax: 41kr

Wafer Cake "Poljarnyj" with vanilla cream fillingWeight 213 gramsChocolate company: Pekar..

Wafer Cake Belotjka

59kr Ex Tax: 53kr

Wafer Cake "Belotjka"Weight 250 grams..

Waffle cake Babajevskaja Belotjka

49kr Ex Tax: 44kr

Waffle cake "Babajevskaja Belotjka"Weight 250 gramsIngredients: cocoa glaze 30.3% (sugar, vegetable fat partially hardened (vegetable oils (soybean oil, palm oil), emulsifier: E492, E322), low fat coc..

Cake Suffle

85kr Ex Tax: 76kr

Cake SuffleWeight 450 grams..

Wafer cake Delis

55kr Ex Tax: 49kr

Wafer cake "Delis" in chocolate icingWeight 500 grams..

Waffle tart

38kr Ex Tax: 34kr

Waffle tart "Korovka vkus toplönoje moloko" with 46% cream filling in cocoa-containing grease glazeWeight 250 grams..

Waffletorte Mischka Kosolapi

46kr Ex Tax: 41kr

Waffeltorte in cocoa-containing fat glaze "Mischka Kosolapij" with nuts and wafersAssortment of 6 waffle cakesWeight 250 gramsChocolate company: Red October..

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